Currently telecommunication devices are a common device and are commonly used among the community, these telecommunication devices generally use a frequency to be able to operate. However, before telecommunication devices are distributed in Indonesia they are mandatory to be certified.

The telecommunications device must be certified at the SDPPI (Pos and Information Technology Resources and Equipment). Make sure the device you want to distribute is certified.

But do you know why SDPPI certification is important, and how to differentiate the certified or uncertified devices.

For that, on this occasion we will discuss the importance of certified devices and how to differentiate between certified and uncertified devices.

What is SDPPI Certification?

Telecommunication Devices

SDPPI Certification involves issuing certificates indicating that telecommunication devices are registered and legally tradeable in Indonesia. This certification confirms that the devices have been tested and comply with Indonesian regulations.

Based on Regulation: PERMEN KOMINFO No. 16 of 2018 (Chapter 1, Article 2) that every Telecommunication tool and/or device made, assembled, or imported for trading and/or use in the territory of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia is obligated to meet the Technical Requirements.

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The Difference Between the Certified and Uncertified Device

Based on Regulation: PERMEN KOMINFO No. 16 of 2018 (Chapter 3, Article 15) Before being traded and/or used, every Telecommunication Tool and/or Devices that has obtained a Certificate must be attached with a Label and QR Code contained in the Telecommunication Equipment and/or Equipment Certificate.

So to make you understand how to tell the difference between uncertified & certified devices, here are the explanations:

Uncertified Device

There are several difference characteristics in uncertified device, there are:

  • No QR Code on the product
  • No SDPPI Label on the product
  • There is no Warning Sign Label on the product

Certified Device

Here are a few difference characteristics in certified device, there are:

  • There is a QR Code on the product
  • There is an SDPPI Label on the product
  • Warning Sign Label on the product (SRD products are not required to put a warning sign label)

For further confirmation whether the device we are using is certified or not, you can directly check on the website

Telecommunication devices must have SDPPI Certification, and it’s essential to distinguish between uncertified and certified ones.

If you are a manufacturer, distributor, importer, laboratory, or other entity who wants to distribute telecommunication devices and need to do certification for your telecommunication device in Indonesia, you can contact us through email or our WhatsApp.


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