Before telecommunication devices are distributed in Indonesia territory, the box or packaging of the Telecommunication Device is mandatory to be marked by a label or the warning sign.

With the presence of labeling and the warning sign on the box or packaging indicate that the device has passed the certification process in SDPPI, so that the device has been declared legal to be marketed in Indonesia.

Otherwise, if the box or packaging on telecommunication devices does not have labeling and warning sign, then the product will be counted as illegal and risk experiencing mass withdrawals because it does not comply with the applicable regulations.

Uses of Labeling and Warning Sign

1. Labeling

Labeling is a tag that attach on the box or packaging of the telecommunication devices. With a labeling  Labeling merupakan label yang tertempel pada box dan kemasan perangkat telekomunikasi. The labeling on the box indicates that the product has adjusted to the frequency set by the Government of Indonesia.

On the label there is an SDPPI certificate number for the device in the package. The SDPPI certificate number applies for every device brand model. So even though it is the same brand, each device model has a different SDPPI certificate. This is because each device model has different specifications.

Everyone is able to check the certificate number to know more details about the device. By accessing website and then put the certificate number listed on the label.

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2. Warning Sign

The warning sign is a mandatory label on the box or packaging telecommunication devices. The Warning sign explains that the specification and format from the device can’t be changed because it can cause physical interference or electromagnetic interference in the surrounding environment.

How to Get Labeling and Warning Signs for legality of sales

If you are a manufacturers, distributors, importers, laboratories, or other entities who wishes to distribute telecommunication devices in Indonesia, you can contact Cerapproval for SDPPI certification making.

By making certification, you can have a certificate number and can sell products legally in Indonesia.

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