The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia has issued Ministerial Decree No. 260 of 2024, which regulates the technical standards for Short Range Devices (SRD). This regulation replaces the previous Directorate General of Resources and Post and Informatics Equipment Regulation No. 161 of 2019, and introduces significant changes to the technical requirements for SRD devices in Indonesia.

What are Short Range Devices (SRD)?

Short Range Devices (SRD) refer to wireless telecommunication devices that operate within specific frequency ranges and have limited coverage. Common examples of SRD include Bluetooth devices, NFC, RFID, UWB, and others.

Regulation Update

Ministerial Decree No. 260 of 2024 establishes new standards for SRD aimed at enhancing device efficiency, security, and interoperability. Key changes in this regulation include:

  1. Updated Technical Specifications: This document details the latest technical specifications that SRD manufacturers must comply with. This includes power supply requirements, non-ionizing radiation requirements, electrical safety requirements, electromagnetic compatibility requirements, SRD operational technical provisions, radio frequency requirements, and testing methods, as well as antenna requirements.
  2. Testing Methods: Updates cover electrical safety testing methods, electromagnetic compatibility testing methods, and radio frequency testing methods.

Importance of Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with this regulation not only mitigates legal and administrative risks but also strengthens brand reputation and consumer trust. By ensuring that your SRD devices meet the established technical standards, you can increase the likelihood of better market penetration and reduce the risk of cessation or fines resulting from violations.


The update to the Short Range Devices regulation by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of Indonesia underscores their commitment to enhancing oversight of wireless telecommunication devices. For more information on the full contents of Ministerial Decree No. 260 of 2024, please download the official document from our website or contact our team for further assistance.

We are ready to help you understand and comply with this regulation to ensure the smooth operation and compliance of your SRD products in the Indonesian market.

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