July 05, 2023 – In order to improve telecommunication device testing services, the Telecommunication Device Testing Center (Balai Besar Pengujian Perangkat Telekomunikasi / BBPPT) held a discussion forum located at the IPB International Convention Center. This discussion forum activity focused on efforts to improve testing services and information regarding the addition of test reports that must be attached.

In this activity, the Head of BBPPT Syaharuddin said that the main purpose of improving telecommunication device testing services is to ensure security, safety and public health in using telecommunication devices.

There has been a lot of news about telecommunications device exploding or experiencing other defects that can threaten the security, safety and health of users. Therefore, it is necessary to improve telecommunication device testing services to provide a more certain guarantee.

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To realize this goal, BBPPT held offline and online discussion forums, which were attended by manufacturers, distributors, importers and other entities related to telecommunications device testing.

To improve public services for telecommunication device testing, BBPPT conducted a Community Satisfaction Survey (SKM). Based on the survey results, there are 4 indicators that need further action, namely regarding service completion time, requirements, service procedures / flow, and facilities and infrastructure.

The results noted in this discussion forum are about improving services to speed up the entire service process from registration to the issuance of the Test Results Report (LHU). In addition, the applicant requested that developments be made to SIMPEL such as integrating notifications of each testing process to be sent via WhatsApp or email.

At the end of the discussion, it was also conveyed that SDPPI plans for every mobile phone product starting December 2023 to be required to attach SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) test results. Gradually, there is a possibility for other products to also be required to attach SAR test results, such as laptop products, smartwatches, smartbands, and other telecommunications devices that have close use to the human body.

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Although Indonesia currently does not have a lab for SAR testing, BBPPT has plans by 2024 to build a SAR test laboratory to test the safety of devices that have an impact on public health and is in the process of establishing regulations regarding SAR testing.

All these development plans for better results are certainly not easy and take time. Therefore, support from all Indonesian people is needed so that this plan can be carried out properly.

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