5 Reasons Why Should You Work with Ceraproval

  1. Full Service

We are here to provide the best and complete service, starting from consulting for the issuance of SDPPI, SNI, TKDN certification, to providing Local Rep.

  1. Experience Consultant

We have consultants who are competent and experienced in their fields.

  1. Certification Guarantee

We guarantee to pass SDPPI certification for your telecommunications equipment.

  1. Competitive Price

We have competitive service prices.

  1. Accredited Lab

We have worked with an accredited lab in Indonesia, so that the lab has been recognized for its competence in radio frequency testing.

If you are a manufacturer, distributor, importer, laboratory, or other entity that wants to distribute telecommunications equipment and wish to certify telecommunications equipment in Indonesia, you can contact us at the following contacts:

5 Reasons Why
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