In this modern era, rapid technological advances affect human civilization. All daily human activities such as sweeping, mopping and washing can now be replaced by various sophisticated electronic devices. Advances in technology have made human life easier.

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However, before buying the telecommunications device, we must first make sure whether the devices we are going to buy are certified (Legal) or not certified (Illegal). We have to check the details of the product, such as which country it is made from, whether it is safe to use, and the legality of the product for circulation in Indonesia.

Certified telecommunications device means that it meets Indonesian standards and is able to guarantee security, both for users and for the environment. Then, how to find out if the device we are using is certified? Here are the steps:

  1. Enter the SDPPI website “”
  2. Select the “Certificate” menu
  3. Select the “Issued Certificate” menu
  4. Enter the “Issued Certificate” page, then you can immediately search for the device name, brand, model and marketing name according to the device you have or want to buy

If the device you are looking for is registered on the SDPPI website, it means that the device you have is legal and safe to use, but the device that has not been recorded on the SDPPI website, meaning that the device is still illegal and its safety and security are not guaranteed.

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Those are the steps to check the status of certified telecommunications devices on the SDPPI Website. Alright, friends, from now on, we have to be more careful in using or buying telecommunications devices and don’t be easily tempted by cheap stuff that turns out to be not certified (Illegal).

If you are a manufacturer, distributor, importer, laboratory, or other entity that wants to distribute telecommunications equipment and wish to certify telecommunications equipment in Indonesia, you can contact us at the following contacts:

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