Telecommunications Device

In this modern era, every human activity is closely related to telecommunications tools and devices. There are various types and brands of Telecommunications Device in Indonesia that have been marketed. However, many of these devices have not been certified and are therefore illegal to be used by the public.

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Continuing to market and use the device publicly will have an impact on the surrounding network. According to Ismail, Spectrum uses radio frequency, which is not an appropriate allotment, and telecommunication devices that are not certified can be dangerous to people’s safety.

Examples of the impact of using a telecommunications device that has not been certified are:

  • Device frequencies that have not been certified can cause a malfunction of the warning disaster radio frequency when a natural disaster occurs.
  • Disturbing the existing frequency network in Indonesia (bad networks, errors, etc.)
  • The device must be certified in order to ensure safe use and protect devices in circulation in Indonesia.

The following is an explanation of the impact of using a telecommunications device that has not been certified.

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If you are a manufacturer, distributor, importer, laboratory, or other entity that wants to distribute telecommunication devices and needs certification for your telecommunication device in Indonesia, you can contact us through email at or our WhatsApp.


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